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MSA M12 Diesel Gloss Black 10MM Offset w/ EFX Motoravage

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***Include lug color in the order notes: Black or Chrome***
Set includes 4 wheels, 4 silver center caps and 16 lug nuts.

There are a million aftermarket rims that have blasted the power sports community. However, I challenge you to find a set of UTV wheels with this kind of grit. The M12 Diesel by MSA are dripping with clean aesthetics and quality craftsmanship. Caution, as this offroad wheel will create double-takes on the trail, by others admiring its incredible design.

In addition to the stunning looks of this sleek black wheel, the M12 Diesel's have the optional center cap and stars. MSA also used cutting-edge engineering to form the components from virgin aluminum. So not only are they lightweight, they're just as durable, and ready to rock the trails with style.

  • Durable bolt on center cap
  • Lightweight aluminum used in low pressure casting = high luster, low porosity
  • Max load rating of 1000 lbs per wheel
  • 14x7 wheels weigh 12.35 lbs each, 15x7 wheels weigh 12.90 lbs each, 18x7 wheels weigh 17.59 lbs each, 20x7 wheels weigh 19.68 lbs each and 22x7 wheels weigh 23.75 lbs each
  • We are given the ability to offer a full no questions asked lifetime warranty on any UTV wheel purchased through us.
  • EFX Tires are 8 Ply compared to the competitions 6 ply, as well as being DOT approved for all you pavement lovers.

EFX Motoravage

Designed to conquer every terrain from rocks to sand, the MotoRavage’s 8-Ply rating, soft compound and deep tread blocks don’t even blink at a gnarly rock garden or mud pit. It’s the tire that adds the exclamation point to the end of a sentence. Welcome to perfection through destruction.